We work for your security and peace of mind.

The modular validators manufactured by Azkoyen Payment Technologies offer maximum security by using the most complete and contrasted coin identification techniques based on different patents. Its modular format, consisting of sensor and output modules, allows its integration in all type of machines and market standards. The modular range offers top digital coin validation technology for the highest possible security.

Reduce maintenance costs with a validator of maximum reliability and an intelligent auto-calibration system that guarantees extended trouble-free operation

More than 120 different currency databases available for each model and presence in every continent.


Reduced need for servicing due to technology that has been patented and contrasted in the market with millions of units sold in several business sectors.


Available for the most common protocols (parallel, ccTalk) and encryptions (AES, DES). Modular construction for easy adaptation to any application.

AC6 Coin Validator
A 3.5” validator for multiple applications
Front bezels. Suitable for every application without change. Configuration: front entry and front reject. Recommended applications: Kiosk, Gaming (A-type) and Parking.
X6 Coin Validator
A 3.5” validator for high security applications
Configuration: Top entry and bottom exit. Three different funnel heights. Combinable with different sorter models and front bezels. Suitable for every application with or without change. Recommended applications: Kiosk, Gaming, Parking, Ticketing & Transport, Retail & Banking.
C6 Coin Validator
A 5” validator for high security applications
Integrated 5-way sorter. Top entry bottom exit. Integrated funnel. Integrated 5-way sorter. Sorting supervised by sensors. Suitable for every application with change. Recommended applications: Gaming, Parking, Ticketing & Transport.

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