Complete Cash Management Systems

Experts in creating complete cash management systems, we are offering ad hoc solutions for note and coin recycling for specific projects. We create innovative, customer-tailored solution.

Set your maintenance costs to Zero with a set made of components of maximum reliability, security and hight speed that guarantees extended trouble-free operation.

More than 120 different currency databases available for each model and presence in every continent.


Reduced need for servicing due to technology that has been patented and contrasted in the market with millions of units sold in several business sectors.


Ad-hoc recycling solutions per business sectors that can be customized for every need.

U Sel X
The most compact and flexible kit for coins
Dongle board possible. Protocols: Parallel or ccTalk. Suitable applications: Parking, Kiosk and OEM.
Combo T
The complete coin control: Acceptance, sorting, recovery, payment and return
The Combo T is a highly secure, rugged and reliable integrated coin-in and coin-out module. It features a high speed multi-coin X6 modular validator, an active coin sorter, coin return path, escrow functionality and 3 coin hoppers or discriminators offering up to 6 denominations of coin payout, all in a single easy-to-integrate module. Protocol: ccTalk. Specifically designed for manufacturers of Parking, Retail and Commercial kiosks.
Combo MID2030
Every coin in a minimal space It integrates a closed stainless steel box with a security lock
ADA compliant. A compact highly secured coin recycling unit designed for Parking, Transport and Ticketing. A high technology X6 ccTalk modular validator, a 3-way sorter, a recovery motor, a coin guide, two individually configurable hoppers, 3 escrows and a multidongle board; all in a single easy-to-integrate module.

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