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We offer a wide range of cash management solutions that stand out because of their reliability and flexibility in such demanding areas like gaming, parking, transport, retail and banking.

Innovation and technology working for you.

Our success is based on close collaboration with our customers, listening to their needs and demands, offering a wide range of secure payment technologies that are reliable and creative and developed to obtain the maximum satisfaction of the end-user. Our high-technology and innovative range of products is comprised of coin validators, hoppers, note readers, note recyclers, complete and customized cash management solutions.

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Effective solutions for coin management that have become the standard in the Gaming industry.

Leaders in solutions for coin management in the European Gaming industry. The leading European manufacturers of AWP machines, video lottery (VLT), sport betting and change machines have relied on our products for many years.

The reliability of Azkoyen Payment Technologies products is the result of the consistent aim to innovate and improve reduced, as well as the customer commitment to offer those solutions that meet all expectations.


Secure and fast transactions are assured with Azkoyen Payment Technologies products.

The decades of experience and innovation in this sector mean that many of the most important solution manufacturers rely on the quality Azkoyen offers as a standard for their international platforms. From parking, to ticket vending machines and highway toll solutions.

Secure and fast transactions are assured using the complete recycling solutions and the different components Azkoyen can offer, with the flexibility to adapt to any currency or environment anywhere in the world.

Retail & banking

Avant-garde cash management solutions.

Businesses worldwide have become more effective by using Azkoyen Payment Technologies automated cash management solutions in the Front office and Back office. Components are also integrated in self-checkouts and payment kiosks.

Customers become more satisfied with the service received and businesses become more flexible and reduce their unknown revenue losses.

An International and Global Group.

Azkoyen Group is a multinational company with head offices in Navarra (Spain), production centres in Spain, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Belgium and Colombia and 31 sales offices worldwide. It has designed, manufactured and sold technology solutions for vending systems, payment systems and security and access control systems since 1945.

80 countries

We are present in 5 continents