Automate the payment process

Cash has always been people’s favorite payment method, and it still is today. However, cash management is insecure. Cashlogy is the new point-of-sale cash payment technology that automates all cash management processes and simplifies handling.

Small Business

Cashlogy helps you to always balance your accounts.


Cashlogy allows you to have more flexibility in shifts.

Food Store

Cashlogy improves the hygiene image of your business.

We are present in all the euro zone

If you have an establishment in the Eurozone and you are concerned about cash management, Cashlogy will be your preferred work tool.

Balance your accounts

Discover Cashlogy, a solution that manages cash operations and returns always the right change.

Quick and hygienic

If you own a butcher’s, a fish shop, a fruit shop, a bakery or a cake shop and would like to improve the image of your business with regard to hygiene, Cashlogy is the ideal solution.

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