Validation Technology and high speed banknote recognition and acceptance.

Due to their design, our readers ensure highspeed acceptance of notes and also ensure maximum fraud discrimination thanks to the DSP technology that allows all the sensors to achieve maximum performance.

Set your losses to Zero with a bank note recycler that rejects all known frauds in the market

The fastest solution of its category. 1 note per second in admission and payout.


BCE & BoE certified. Thousands of units working in retail applications.


3 configurable recycling denominations to suit any requirement.

High End Bank Note Recycler designed for endurance in a high transaction environment
Unique Digital data processor (DSP) Technology that provides high security. Anti-fraud security, anti-jam and anti-fishing. Validation and payout in only one las transacciones. Transaction accounting. 3 Recycling units of up to 50 note capacity and a lockable stacker of up to 500 notes. 100% acceptance rate and 100% counterfeit rejection rate (2018 BCE test).: Windows API y ccTalk. Protocols: Windows API and ccTalk.recomendadas: Parking, Transporte, Retail y Gaming. Recommended applications: Retail, Transport, Parking and Gaming.

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